More Than Just The Appearance

More Than Just The Appearance

Functionality of Web Scripts

When the Internet was emerging in the 19th century, web pages were only HTML-based. There’s nothing wrong with them. However, as technology evolved, the revolution of scripting languages came. Web scripts are not visible to the viewer’s eye. The functionality the codes in the script are being translated to the webpage and that is what the audience sees. This made boring HTML web pages more functional and these are the web pages people encounter every day. Instead of the users having to go through complex steps themselves to get the results they need, the instructions represented by those scripts will be executed by scripting languages like JavaScript.

Say logistics company, a trucking in Hamilton, is just starting out in the logistics industry. Instead of investing on things they do not need, they make their own web page using JavaScript. This will make the company name known to their potential clients. However, when they finished the content-filled website, it seemed plain. It’s like when someone visits their website, they will immediately look for a competitor because it looked boring. What should the company do?

A Dash of Web Design

What a bland and stale website needs is a makeover through web designing. In contrast to web script, web design is the appearance of the website and how the audience perceives it. It may seem like the only thing that a website design wants to impose is its appearance. However, it means a lot more than that. A good website design must bring out the best of what a company is offering to their customers. The design makes the objective and the purpose of the company clear to all in order to impart to the people how serious and professional they are.

The trucking in Hamilton decided to invest in a professional web designer to make their website more pleasing and functional. The website design worked, making the potential customers turn their heads to their company. Their website must have included the clear and straight objective of their company. Also, the atmosphere given by their website emitted responsibility and reliability of their work. The purpose of their website design is not only for aesthetics but also to ensure that the design will reflect both the company’s stand in the industry.


Small Snippet Of Javascript Code May Be Collecting User Information

Small Snippet Of Javascript Code May Be Collecting User Information

GoDaddy is a popular web hosting company but according to Australian technology consultant Igor Kromin said that GoDaddy is injecting a JavaScript file into the web pages of sites that it hosts. The analytics system of GoDaddyis based on W3C Navigation Timing; however, the company has a practice of unilaterally opting to pay customers to an analytics service that tracks websites that are hosted by GoDaddy without any forewarning.

According to GoDaddy, the technology, Real User Metrics (RUM) allows the web hosting company to identify bottlenecks and optimize opportunities through the insertion of a small script of JavaScript code to the websites of its customers.

The small snippet of JavaScript code can also measure and track the performance of the website and at the same time collect information like connection time and page load time. GoDaddy claims that the script does not collect information from users. Real User Metrics, the script’s name is somehow at odds with the claim. GoDaddy has not provided any definition of user information.

According to GoDaddy, most of their customers will not experience issues when opted-in to RUM; however, using JavaScript can result to issues like slower site performance or a broken or inoperable website. This will affect users of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and websites that have pages with multiple ending tags.

If customers of GoDaddy want to opt out of RUM, they can go to, log in and then click on the hosting account that you want excluded. From there, you can click on the “…” button, the click on “Help Us” and then click on “Opt Out.” This will remove the script immediately from the website.

Kromin said that he is not against web hosting providers that are monitoring how servers are running but injecting JavaScript on the pages being served may be considered as violation of trust between the web hosting provider and its customer.

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