Things To Consider When Making A Website For Businesses

Things To Consider When Making A Website For Businesses

If you have a business and you don’t have a website, you are missing on a lot of opportunities. You should know that people will most likely learn about the boiler repair man in your area through the internet. Gone are the days when customers have to hunt down businesses for their needs, businesses are the ones coming to them by making their presence known online. Now that you are convinced that you need a website in order to survive in this competitive industry, here are a few things to keep in mind with regards to the website’s design.

Avoid clutter. Your number one goal when setting up a website is that it should be free from clutters. This conveys a strong message to clients that you are a professional and you take your work seriously. There are instances when less is more and this is one of those. A cluttered website can also be confusing especially to older demographics that are not so well-versed with modern technology.

Responsive design. We have already established the fact that everyone is now connected online therefore it is safe to say that majority of the population have a mobile device. Therefore, it would be useless to create a website that is not mobile responsive. A mobile responsive website is suitable for viewing even on a device with a smaller screen. Users will no longer have to zoom in the screen or drag it around because it is too big for the screen size.

Google friendly. You are not a private entity but a business screaming attention thus it is only right that you should be easily searched through Google. It pays to invest in search engine optimization to make sure that your website appears at the top of the search result pages when customers type in a specific set of keywords.

Display contact information. You are a customer too and you know the important of contacting the boiler repair man in your area therefore all contact information should be easily seen in the website. The customer should not have a hard time hunting for the contact number of the company or the email address to setup an appointment.

Guide In Creating A Website From Scratch

Guide In Creating A Website From Scratch

Unless you have a lot of funds or a company that offers specialist transport services with the capacity to hire a website developer, it would be up to you to create your own business website. First timers might feel intimidated but it is quite simple to create a website starting from scratch.

The first step would be to choose the web hosting service and the domain name you want. The web host is responsible for your server so that your website will be published online and it is also your storage space provider. The domain name is the address of your website which will be used by visitors to visit. When choosing a host, there are different hosting plans to consider but you will know that you have chosen the right one when it comes with full package from the domain name registration to the marketing credits.

The next step is to pick out a domain name and register it. It should be memorable and will leave a mark on the users. To have your own domain name, you will have to pay between $10 and $30 every year to secure your address. Do not forget to do a research before deciding to avoid any legal complications.

When building a website, it can be done three ways – from scratch through employing HTML, through a blogging platform or to utilize a website builder. For beginners, the last is most recommended because it is easy to use. If you think a website builder limits a lot of what you want, you can also opt for a blogging platform which is still appropriate for people with no background in coding. If you’ve got your coding skills, you can start from scratch and build with HTML. It will give you the freedom to customize the website you want.

When creating a website for a company offering specialist transport services, start by choosing the text editor and followed by the creation of an HTML Template. Make sure the files and folders follow a certain structure along with the content. Your website styling can be accomplished by either CSS or HTML. Once you have accomplished this, you can now publish your website.

Service Worker Scripts That Allow A Website To Behave Like An App

Service Worker Scripts That Allow A Website To Behave Like An App

Over the past decade, there has been a question on whether mobile web will be dominant or if mobile apps will prevail. The answer is companies certainly need both of them. Everyone knows that responsive websites are now the norm and in some instances, responsive web apps. Aside from a responsive web design, top priority among companies is building mobile apps.

When building mobile apps, the focus should be on user personas and segments. With this solid approach, progressive web apps (PWAs) are emerging and this blurs the lines between web and apps. PWAs use the latest in browser technologies to merge the accessibility of the web with the existence of the mobile app.

Most leading desktop and mobile browsers support browser advancements that have been initiated from Mozilla, Google, Facebook and others. “Service workers” are implemented to allow a website to behave likeapp. Service workers are scripts that the browser runs in the background and is distinct from the website. The script allows app-like features to become part of a PWA experience.

The service worker scripts which are embedded within the browser to surface PWA functionality allow users to install a website as an app icon on the home screen. A full screen app can be launched without the need to go to an app store. Users can choose to enable the rich app features as push notifications or offline storage.

Since Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Apple are supporting the advancing PWA technologies on desktop and mobile browsers, it is only a matter of time before the technology becomes the new standard for web interactions similar to the responsive web design. However, given the immaturity of PWA service worker support, variations in user experience can be expected. In the coming years, the technology will mature and standardize.

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Three Essentials For A Successful Website

Three Essentials For A Successful Website

With the raising popularity of online shopping, having a website has become critical for the success of business organizations. The website acts as an online sales person for a business. It can be used to display the products or services offered by the company to the potential customers. Building a successful website involves a lot of effort and takes time.

Here are some tips that will help you to create a highly successful website for your team building activities in Sydney firm and turn it into a money-maker for your business.

Define the brand strategy

The website of a business should fit into the overall brand strategy of a business. The website should be easy to identify and associate with the brand. It should be able to deliver the desired goals of the organization. The online marketing strategy of a business can also include social media platforms, blogs etc. that help the business to attract potential customers to the website.

A great design and quality content

Website design is an important factor that determines its success. Quality content requires a well-designed website that looks professional and is easy to navigate. The website should provide accurate and up-to-date information in an easy to understand manner. Colour choices, fonts, images and layout are some factors that affect the impression of the viewers. For example, a team building activities in Sydney firm should invest in building a highly responsive and easy to navigate website that provides the visitors with the required information on team building and encourages them to contact the company.

Engage the viewers

A website should be able to engage the viewers and make them stay on the page. This helps to build loyal viewers to the site and improve the flow of traffic. The website should use original photographs, infographics, and quality content, add polls and questionnaires and provide useful information for the viewers. Adding attractive call-to-actions also motivates the visitors to become subscribers of the mailing list.  For example, a company providing team building activities in Sydney, should provide useful information about the latest techniques and programmes in team building, advantages of team building, case studies etc. to make the viewers understand the importance of team building. They can also use the images of the activities conducted by them to further engage the viewers.

PHP Version 7 As The Best Script-Side Language For Your E-commerce Site

PHP Version 7 As The Best Script-Side Language For Your E-commerce Site

Ever since web design started, PHP has been the king of server-side scripts because it provides better security and quicker turnaround time for a cheaper price compared to other server-side scripts. The same version of PHP is still being used today by popular business and organizational websites as well as social media sites.

Initially Facebook used the simple version of PHP but now they have their own complex server-side scripting language although it still includes the basics of old PHP. If you will notice, PHP has had numerous updates but it remains easy to learn and multifaceted in many ways. Over the years, so many things have changed but PHP has gotten better.

The reason why web designers still use PHP in spite of the existence of several script-side languages is its inherent simplicity and power over 98.5% of PHP solutions that can be found across the world. Ever since the launch of PHP 7, ecommerce designs have achieved a new lease in life. The newer version of PHP looks and feels like the previous versions but has managed to reduce RAM consumption by 50%. No wonder, almost 11.5% of all active websites are now running on PHP 7.

PHP Version 7 includes sub-versions – PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3. Version 7.0 is leading the pack with 64% market share. Websites like Bore Panda, CNBC and En son Haber that handles heavy traffic are just a few examples of those using Version 7.0. Adoption of Version 7.0 is slow but steady among web developers.

Experts have predicted a fast adoption rate; however, several CMS platforms like WordPress still need to update their plug-ins to be able to work with Version 7. On the other hand, experts recommend that is better for new websites to start with PHP Version 7 for an error-free and easier custom web development.

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