A Talk About Home Pages

A Talk About Home Pages

Whenever someone tries to sell a house with a bad front lawn, it rarely, if ever, goes well. The first impression matters, after all.

That’s why a good home page is so important for any site. From Apple to TitanTransline.com, the home page is a key part of any online marketing endeavor, as it’s pretty much an online storefront. People on the internet have short attention spans, so they need to be wowed from the first few seconds of seeing a page.

A home page isn’t just about aesthetics though, there’s also conversions to consider. People can’t or won’t convert if they don’t feel a need to do so, which is why sites have to give them incentive and make the process as easy and convenient as possible.

In case it isn’t clear yet, a well-designed homepage is a powerful thing.

A good homepage welcomes people to your site, tells them what you, your site, and your brand is about, what they should do and lets them explore your site with minimal hassle.

‘Less is more’ is the key here, as a homepage design can be complex, but that’ll likely create a cluttered mess that needs selective pruning and optimization. Sticking to the basics is the best way to go, and homepage elements have specific elements and should cover a few key ideas.

Helping people to know your business

A lot of visitors to your site will see the homepage first, which is why homepages should be made with the adage ‘first impressions last’ in mind.

A good homepage makes it clear from the outset what a company is about; their values, unique selling point (USP), and purpose. If you go to TitanTransline.com, you should know what they’re about in just a few seconds, without having to read through much or think too hard.

Improving user experience

Consumers visit sites with purpose. Whether it’s checking out products, reading blog posts, or seeing if you offer a particular service, a good homepage should make sure a customer doesn’t have to go through so many hoops by having intuitive navigation and good flow.


Website visitors, ideally, should convert. That won’t happen if you don’t give them the incentive and opportunity to do so.

If you have an email list you want to fill, then make the signup form easy to find and use. This, and a good first impression is key to ensuring that your site converts properly.