The Importance Of A Website For Marketing Strategies

The Importance Of A Website For Marketing Strategies

When you’re looking to boost your reach, get those good King Kong marketing reviews, and improve the bottom line, ensuring that your brand’s site is well-designed is an important step.

That’s because the website is the place where your brand will interact with people the most; both online and offline marketing endeavours send users to the site, whether they’re buying, or just looking for additional information.

A great marketing campaign can be stonewalled by a bad site, as the landings might end up not being converted. There are several reasons to

If you want to evaluate your site, keep these factors in mind:

  • Conversion rate: Is your site properly converting leads and customers?
  • Competition: How are you faring in comparison to your competition?
  • Branding: How well does your site represent your brand?
  • SEO: How is your site ranking in Google and other search engines?
  • Responsiveness: Is your site properly responsive?
  • Site speed: How fast do your pages load? Every second matters.

If these factors aren’t too hot, then that might explain why those King Kong marketing reviews of your site aren’t too glowing.

If you’re going to go for a revamp or a redesign, however, don’t go into it blindly. Figure out these key factors first:

  • Audience: Who are you trying to appeal to, and what do they want?
  • Goals: Know what your site is about. It’s the centre of all your design decisions, after all.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Rank well on search engines by having good structure and navigation, aesthetics, metadata, and content.
  • User experience: Convenience is king on the internet; make it as smooth as possible for the users.


SEO Trends To Expect This 2020

SEO Trends To Expect This 2020

There is an increasing number of competition to grab the attention of online readers and customers as several business spurt each day. And for this very reason, it is of utmost importance that one is consistent and up to date with the latest SEO trends available in order for a brand’s website to qualify for website ranking.

Google’s search engine algorithm undergo a handful of significant changes every year thereby affecting the SEO marketing strategies in place. Make no mistake though, because even the slightest changes affects a website’s search engine ranking. The following are among the expected SEO trends for this year 2020:

Featured Snippets

Doing a quick search on Google will prompt you to some brief results or answers which are known as featured snippets. These snippets are located just above organic ads. They are also shown at the very beginning of SERP results.

Social Media Influencers

Among the business strategies utilized to broaden its marketing reach is by simply tapping to social media influencers. Such practice is widely known to many these days owing to the rise of influencers across the globe. Most companies utilizing this type of marketing strategy are those that are from the industry on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and so on. As you browse online, it is highly likely that you will see a handful of ads right here and there, from a page to the next. Website creators like King Kong SEO are well aware that people are more drawn to click an ad should they spot well known social media influencers. And as such, it is quite apparent that social media followers of an influencer typically believe whatever they hear and see from the influencer, and this includes online reviews of a certain product, website, and the like.

Voice Search

It’s quite obvious that the more options at hand to search via a mobile device and with decent internet connection, the more searches are done by people. One interesting way of searching online through the phone is the so called voice search. There had been a spike of voice search questions in 2017 alone, which tallied to about 33 million. Now according to a March 2019 statistics, about 20% of mobile queries done are due to voice searches.


How To Improve A Website’s Loading Time

How To Improve A Website’s Loading Time

Too often, website owners concentrate on other things to be improved within the site neglecting the importance of a faster loading time. For instance, a Sydney wedding stylist might focus on the design and content alone without considering the website’s speed. According to statistics, a delay of one second leads to 11 per cent decline in page views, 16 per cent reduction of customer satisfaction and 7 per cent lower conversion.

The speed of a website impacts the potential conversions. Forty-seven per cent of consumers believe that a website should load within two seconds or faster while 40 per cent said that they leave the site if loading time takes longer than three seconds. This means that almost half of the potential customers will leave the site if loading time is longer than three seconds. In return, you lose almost half of potential conversions as well. In addition, 79 per cent of consumers said that they will definitely not return if the website has shown poor performance the first time around.

There are different ways to make the website load faster and here are the top recommendations:

  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests. Yahoo said that 80 per cent of the loading time of a website can be attributed to the many parts that need to be downloaded including scripts, page, style sheets and images. In every element, an HTTP request has to be made. To reduce these requests, the first thing to do is determine the exact number of requests your website is making and use that as a benchmark.
  • Start reducing the number of files within a website. Begin with the files that are in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These are very important files because it reflects the appearance of the website. This can be reduced through minifying and different files can be combined as well in order to reduce the size.
  • For files that are in CSS and JavaScript format, asynchronous loading can be used. Instead of using synchronous loading, asynchronous can speed up the loading of the page since loading will start from top until it reaches the bottom. This is recommended for Sydney wedding stylist website which contains mostly visual elements.
Competitive Advantages Provided By Inbound Marketers

Competitive Advantages Provided By Inbound Marketers

Your business has been doing well in the industry for quite some time so you don’t see any reason why you should employ the services of inbound marketers such as crewdo, right? Wrong. The truth is, your competitors are also looking for ways to reach your targets and if you would slack around, your customers and targets already patronizing your competitor. So if the other players in your industry are getting the assistance from skilled inbound marketers, you should also to create competitive advantage in the market. The only thing that would differ between you and your competitors are the inbound marketers that you hired. All in all, it is just a matter of who you hired and how they can make a difference.

If you are wondering why there is a need for you to hire inbound marketers, here are some of the reasons why. First, inbound marketers such as crewdo are cost effective way of leading your customers to your site and eventually introducing them to your brand. Instead of paying a sizable amount of money for advertisements, you only have to hire dependable individuals who can do magic for your business.

When you hire professional inbound marketers, they help you establish stable relationships with your targets. Thus, the result is long lasting and consistent customer-business relationship. Inbound marketers are equipped with the right tools and information that will make your product accessible to potential customers who are looking for your product. They can help you optimize search engines in order to create traffic and assist you in converting traffic to actual sales.

Blogging is also a popular tool employed by inbound marketers such as crewdo to guide your potential clients right to your business doorstep. For a business person, you may find it challenging to understand how such technology works but do not worry about it. In fact, it should not be your worry. Allow the experts to work on that while you focus on serving your current and potential customers better. Send them an email today or call them on how you can be assisted with.


The Right Location Of Web Scripts In The Web Document

The Right Location Of Web Scripts In The Web Document

Whenever web developers use JavaScript on the web pages to make them interactive, they frequently put the script at the head of the document similar to how use CSS style sheets. The only time that web developers use the script elements in the body of the page is when they want to display content or add interactivity directly to the page. However, using JavaScript at the head of the document can slow down the pages because it takes longer to download.

It takes longer to download the web page because when the browser hits the web page, it has to send the request to the server first for the document at the URL. When the document arrives at the browser, the browser has to parse it before starting to make additional requests to the server for external components that include style sheet, images and scripts. All these components have to be downloaded by the browser in parallel or two components at the same time. However, once the browser starts to download a script, nothing else can be downloaded until the script has been fully downloaded.

If the scripts are placed at the bottom of the HTML document, it will allow other external components of the page to be downloaded as quickly as possible before the scripts are loaded. On the other hand, there is always an exception to this rule. The scripts have to be placed higher on the page if they need to be run before the document loads.

If the script is placed on the external files, it can speed up the web pages; however, don’t make the mistake of adding the scripts to the external document so that you can load them from the head. The external script file is bound to stop parallel downloads similar to the one written in HTML.

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Best Designer Software For T-shirt Printing

Best Designer Software For T-shirt Printing

If you want to create a custom designed t-shirt then all you need is a good product designer tool. There are many design software available online and below is a compilation of the best there is to narrow down the search for you.

T-shirts used to be an option when looking for an easy to wear informal clothing. With the evolvement of technology and everything else, the use of t-shirts especially customized ones have also evolved. Its demand has increased greatly and is used in various events, professional gatherings and even sports celebrities. If you plan on designing customized t-shirts then the future ahead is quite bright for you as long as you have the best online designer tool. It is your gateway to making customized designs that are not commonly seen and will give you an edge in the custom design t-shirt market.

Here are some of the best options when it comes to t-shirt designer tool.

– InkyROBO. When using this designer tool, you have various options and it will suit the taste of many customers from different age brackets. If you are a beginner in design then this tool is a good choice since it is easy to use and gives optimum quality. Many features are highlighted by the tool that even the most novice user has the option to play around and learn more. Various features are included such as responsive, CMS integration, flexibility and 100 per cent fluid. The tool is also integrated to your shopping cart. There are many options in the gallery when it comes to font, clipart and style.

– No-refresh. This online tool is from an overseas provider but because of its features and high standard, it has become known all over the globe. The company behind this online designer tool is renowned and it has various products that can be outsourced such as shoes, t-shirts, buttons and many more.

– Liveart. This mobile designer tool is a perfect fit for those who companies who are using web2print or companies that are into making decorative t-shirts. The features are high quality yet the cost is very affordable. These two are the main reasons why this is in the best list.