Choosing Between Illustrations And Photography For Advertisements

It is often difficult to decide whether to use illustration or photography in an ad campaign. Both have their pros and cons in terms of creativity, costs and resources required. An advertising message can also be conveyed in many different ways like abstract or conceptual, realistic or literal.

Illustrations vs. photography

There are instances when the nature of an idea or concept that the advertiser wants to convey requires an illustration. For example, a message may be better communicated through an illustration to potentially add life to the otherwise dry subject as well as to visualize abstract ideas.

However, there are ad campaigns when photography is the better choice. For example, a celebrity endorser needs to be photographed to highlight a particular claim. But if the advertiser is trying to get across more abstract brand values like playfulness or innovation, the perfect option will be illustrations.

In instances when there is a limit to the imagination but not the budget or practical logistics of what, where, and how to shoot, the simple beauty of illustrations can literally depict anything you desire. In theory, photography can be possible to depict futuristic, surreal, or fantastical scenes but it would cost a fortune. While a degree of realism can be crucial, middle-ground photo montage illustration or collage can be invaluable.

Storytelling is now the trend in branding and advertising but the truth is a compelling narrative can be strongly effective in engaging consumers and getting across the brand’s personality. The advertiser can literally take a consumer through a brand’s story by using illustrated scenes and characters. Characters do not have to childish to represent that attitude of a brand in a tangible and easily relatable way. Illustrations can help a brand standout in a much more distinctive way through a touch of creativity that is pleasing to the eyes.

The use of custom illustrations by Rabinky Art is a smart way to illustrate the advertising campaign. If you have a unique idea in mind, you get in touch with our artist to bring it life. The look of a multi-platform advertising design can be transformed to reflect the mood of an event.