Tips For Keeping Track And Fixing Tech Issues And Bugs

Tips For Keeping Track And Fixing Tech Issues And Bugs

Whenever a tech issue pops up, everyone wants it dealt with as soon as possible. Whether it’s ensuring proper code review, or having a process set for quickly addressing and rectifying issues, every organization needs to have a system in place for these things.

So, without further ado, here are some tips to help deal with tech issues, starting from the development process and beyond.

Start with the development process.

Naturally, you want to have quality assurance running from the very start. Before even having code review, or bug checking, the development process needs a good look-over. How big the product is, how many features are going into each release; these questions all need to be asked, considered, and answered properly to get the best results.

Use bug-tracking software

Another no-brainer; bug-tracking software exist to help out organizations with keeping track of bugs and issues. Having software puts all the useful information into one centralized place, which is particularly useful when remote teams, where people are working together from different places, are involved.

Centralize bug tracking

As we’ve already brushed up in the above point, having a centralized database for all of the information regarding bugs and issues is important for an organization. A central database, complete with workflow and the ability to assign people to deal with bugs, is invaluable when dealing with bugs.

Use a project-management platform

A project-management system is a good idea for debugging. Connecting team members and projects with specific issues means that people are held accountable for problems, while also giving everyone updates on what’s been taken care of, and what still needs working on. This also provides the option of having another team member come in to provide assistance, if necessary.

Close the loop

Closing the loop is basically jargon for dealing with the bug. The idea is that, if any issues pop up, it will be checked, verified, and dealt with, if applicable. A system set up to ensure this is great help, with the idea being that someone will always be aware of the problem at hand. If the issue isn’t dealt with quickly, then it gets escalated to someone higher up the hierarchy, continuing until the problem is finally addressed.


More Than Just The Appearance

More Than Just The Appearance

Functionality of Web Scripts

When the Internet was emerging in the 19th century, web pages were only HTML-based. There’s nothing wrong with them. However, as technology evolved, the revolution of scripting languages came. Web scripts are not visible to the viewer’s eye. The functionality the codes in the script are being translated to the webpage and that is what the audience sees. This made boring HTML web pages more functional and these are the web pages people encounter every day. Instead of the users having to go through complex steps themselves to get the results they need, the instructions represented by those scripts will be executed by scripting languages like JavaScript.

Say logistics company, a trucking in Hamilton, is just starting out in the logistics industry. Instead of investing on things they do not need, they make their own web page using JavaScript. This will make the company name known to their potential clients. However, when they finished the content-filled website, it seemed plain. It’s like when someone visits their website, they will immediately look for a competitor because it looked boring. What should the company do?

A Dash of Web Design

What a bland and stale website needs is a makeover through web designing. In contrast to web script, web design is the appearance of the website and how the audience perceives it. It may seem like the only thing that a website design wants to impose is its appearance. However, it means a lot more than that. A good website design must bring out the best of what a company is offering to their customers. The design makes the objective and the purpose of the company clear to all in order to impart to the people how serious and professional they are.

The trucking in Hamilton decided to invest in a professional web designer to make their website more pleasing and functional. The website design worked, making the potential customers turn their heads to their company. Their website must have included the clear and straight objective of their company. Also, the atmosphere given by their website emitted responsibility and reliability of their work. The purpose of their website design is not only for aesthetics but also to ensure that the design will reflect both the company’s stand in the industry.


Five Points to Keep In Mind To Create Attractive Websites

Five Points to Keep In Mind To Create Attractive Websites

With growing popularity of the internet, it has become crucial for businesses to have a creative websites in order to promote their business online. A well designed website helps to make the business stand apart from the competitors and attract more customers. The website should be professional and must be able to develop emotional connect with the visitors and convert them into clients for the business.

Businesses should concentrate on developing a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. Businesses can hire the services of professional web design firm, to help them in creating attractive websites with quality content.

Some tips to make a website look attractive

  1. Select the right colours

The visual appeal of a website largely depends on the right use of colours. Each colour has a meaning and value and are associated with specific emotions. Use colours that match with your business values and portray them to the viewers.

  1. Content is the king

The website should contain accurate and innovative content. Visitors to your website are looking for specific content that is useful and informative. The content should be appropriate for your business and help the visitors understand about your products and services. You can use high quality pictures and videos along with other tools like diagrams, infographics and illustrations to make the viewers easily understand complex issues. Hire the services of professional content marketing experts like to develop keyword rich content that attracts the viewers and keeps them engaged.

  1. Website should be compatible to mobile viewing

With the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets, it is important to make the websites easily adaptable. The website should adapt itself to be viewed on any screen. Creating highly responsive websites helps the businesses to improve traffic to their websites. Consult a professional web design and development firm that specializes in creating modern and highly responsive websites for varied businesses.

  1. Regular updates

The market scenario keeps changing regularly. It is important to keep your website updated with the latest happenings in your industry. Customers and search engines love updated websites that provide accurate and up-to-date information to the viewers.

  1. Faster loading time

The customers are always in a hurry. It is important to have a website that loads quickly as the attention span of the customers is very less. If a website takes time to load they will immediately switch to a competitors website. Consult a professional web design to help you create attractive and easy to navigate websites with low loading times and promote your business successfully.