Free Webmail Scripts For PHP/MYSQL

Free Webmail Scripts For PHP/MYSQL

If you want a mail client interface such as Google and Yahoo, webmail’s softwares are great scripts which you could run on your server. This article will give you a list of some of the free webmail scripts for php/mysql. If you are always on the go, then it will be easier for you to check your e-mails. The great thing is if you have several employees, you can create e-mails for each of them but still under the same domain which makes it easier for all of them to login.

Your storage limit will depend on your host’s limit since you’ll be using your very own server. You need not worry about getting a lot of e-mails and attachments with big file sizes since you can’t find a free a-mail service that will give you that much space.

Here’s the list:

1. Round Cube – This web based email client is compatible for PHP/MySQL and it is multilingual as well. Round Cube is open source and it comes with a lot of features.

2. Xeams – This mail server is sure to deliver security and power. It supports a variety of Operating Systems such as Windows, MacoSX, Linux, Unix or Solaris. It has a mechanism that can filter all the Spam. Plus, it is totally free!

3. Claros inTouch – This ajax communication suite is open source and comes with a built-in messenger and RSS. It has its own calendar and a support for post-it. You need to install Java 2 SDK on your server because Claros inTouch was created using Java technology.

4. Conjoon – This application for webmail is web based and offers a full feature. It comes with folder management, an editor, a feed reader. You can browse using tabs and it has a web 2.0 mashups. It is completely free and it comes with a built-in Extjs and a framework for Zend.

5. At mail – This open source webmail is free and is written using PHP. This application is meant to be light weight yet powerful. At mail is multilingual and it has video mail.

6. Xuheki – This is an IMAP based client which is suitable for your e-mail server. It has a complete ajax interfaced and is licensed by GNU GPL. The only con in using this is that it has no support for POP3.