Google Rolls Out Spam Update

June 23, 2021 saw an update from Google, as the search engine works to curb the presence of spam on its platform.

Google announced their search update, their ‘spam update’, on Wednesday, and immediately rolled it out to its users, with the update immediately taking effect as the rollout finished through the day. Sites were affected by the changes quickly as a result.

Notably, Google also added that they’ll be following up this particular spam update with another one in the following week, with additional information and live updates to when it will roll out and when the rollout will finish.

These updates aren’t like Google’s core updates, as they only really take a day to roll out, instead of the multiple days that core updates need.

Google even posted a statement on their official Twitter, though it wasn’t much. According to them, they’re releasing this spam update to their systems as part of their regular efforts to improve search results, and that these tweets will be updated to reflect the additional spam update that’s set to roll out in the future.

The tweets also came with links detailing Google’s spam prevention and web admin guidelines for those looking for further clarification on the matter.

This is just the latest in Google’s activities over the past three months, which include the June and July core updates, with greater activity than what is usually seen around the middle of the year.

For sites that had their search rankings and king kong SEO reviews change, they can look to this update as to why. It’s advised that site owners check if their sites are playing with the rules and guidelines set by the search engine.