How Color Affects A Website’s Conversion Rate

How Color Affects A Website’s Conversion Rate

According to studies, color affects the way the consumers decide when purchasing a certain product. It can help affect the decision making process by having an effect on people emotionally and psychologically. It is undeniable how a website’s color scheme can affect its conversion rate. The study of how color affects the behavior of human beings is called “Color Psychology”. It is not an exact science and tests are still being done on the subject.

Today we are going to tackle tips on where color should be used on your website and what color scheme should be applied on certain areas such as the headline, background, borders and buttons. Finding the right colors for certain purposes can be quite a challenge. When choosing colors, it is important that some important factors should be considered such as the audience and the purpose. If your website offers services such as storm drain cleaning then it is important that you choose the right colors according to the targeted audience and the color that represents the brand or company. Here are some insights on what colors to use:

1. Studies shows that websites who are geared towards women customers should use the colors purple, green and blue while avoiding orange, gray and brown. Females prefer primary colors while they find earthy tones unattractive. One common misconception is that women love the color pink. Pink is associated with the female gender but does not mean that it is loved by every female.

2. Men prefers the colors green, blue and and black while they have an aversion for the colors orange, brown and purple. These colors should be taken into consideration when making websites geared towards the male population.

3. Blue is for trust. Blue is said to emit the feeling of being calm and serene. It is widely used by bank websites and even by the most popular social network, Facebook. PayPal also uses the color blue to cultivate trust. While blue looks good on anything, it is not advisable to use when selling food products as it is commonly linked with poison.

4. Yellow means warnings. Everywhere in the real world, yellow is used as backgrounds for most warning signs and traffic signals. Use the color yellow with caution.

5. Green is associated with environment and great for marketing outdoor products. Green has always been the symbol of nature. It is only fitting that it should be used in websites selling anything outdoorsy or eco-friendly. Studies also show that green brings out the creative side in people. Take for example the website and how it employed the color green on its website. The website offers services such as parking lot drain cleaning which is associated with keeping the environment clean. They wisely used the color green to associate with their business’ purpose.

6. If you want something fun then you should choose orange. The color orange is also said to affect people by doing things on impulse such as online shopping. Orange may be used minimally because too much of the said color can take away the focus from the important contents.

7. Black exudes sophistication, elegance and power. This is why designer brands and high-end sites prefer the color black to give the users the sense of luxury and value when visiting the website.