Many companies have never really enjoyed successful results from content marketing because they have no clue on the measurement of content marketing ROI. Most of them simply try too much with every piece of content instead of breaking them down into a system that will work together.

A good content marketing strategy must include content that will increase brand awareness, traffic and generate social shares. Content must include targeted specific keywords that will generate more search traffic with backlinks that will improve search rankings. It must generate leads and drive email subscriptions. However, it does not mean that every piece of content must meet all of these goals.

Each piece of content published must achieve at least one of the goals. For example, a piece of content goes viral, gains tens of thousands shares on Facebook, and retweets on Twitter to drive tons of traffic but it does not generate leads and sales. However, it builds trust in the audience and when they are ready to buy a product, your brand is at the top of their mind.

If the purpose of content is to build search, it must be able to provide answers to search queries or provide guidance to particular topics that are searched by the target audience.

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