The aim of the government is to serve the people therefore in this age of technology every department must have a website where public engagement can be initiated. The sad fact is that many people are complaining about the customer service provided by government agencies through their website. Though there are notable sites such as for businesses and entities processing their Ohio tax ID, many are still disappointed with other government sites. Here are a few things to ponder for government agencies and web designers partnering to create a government website.

  • The stakeholders, both internal and external, should have a say regarding the website under construction. This means that everyone including employees, businesses, partners, citizens and concerned government organization should be a part of the planning process. Agencies know better who their target audience are and how to make accurate profiles for the users.
  • The fault of many agencies is that they are projecting the need of the agency through the website when it should be the other way around. Therefore, the voice of the users should be considered and should be reflected in the website. To accomplish this, surveys should be conductedto know what the users want to achieve when they use the website of a specific agency.
  • Studying the web analytics will help one get more information regarding user behavior, entrance and exit points in the site, content value and the devices used by the users accessing the site. These are important points that should be taken into account to know more about user goals.
  • Card sort testing should be conducted to know how the website should be structured based on the browsing history of the users. Know the pages and information they usually get into and prioritize them accordingly for easier navigation in the future. Doing this will eventually increase customer satisfaction.
  • For a government agency website, there is a need to do prototyping as well as user testing in order to know user interaction occurs on the website and to determine how the website can satisfy the need and expectations of the users.
  • When businesses and entities visit a site to get Ohio tax ID, they are less interested in the graphics design but a home page that is focused on helping them accomplish their task would be ideal.