How To Implement Responsive Web Design On Your Website

How To Implement Responsive Web Design On Your Website

Businesses that are involved in the e-commerce industry recognize the importance of responsive web design in this day and age. This is why companies such as Wheels Honda are also trying to implement the same technique with their website in order to drive more traffic to their site and to increase their conversion rate. For beginners, how do you go about making your site a responsive one?

In order to answer the question, it is the company’s job to understand how their visitors are utilizing their mobile devices. Do not rely on studies wherein the users accessed the internet with their desktop computers because how they view a website on their mobile is entirely different. It is recommended to conduct a survey for you to know why they prefer to use mobile devices when visiting websites and eventually analyse the elements and pages they visit often.

Once you have understood that part, you will be able to plan the website’s design. Begin with the wire frame and develop the visual design before hopping on to coding which is the challenging part. After you have created prototypes for your site, use different devices to check if it is responsive.

Do not lose your sight when it comes to navigation. This is often true as some website designers tend to focus on the aesthetics and the content alone without giving much thought to the website’s navigation. This is easier on desktop computers because all links can be visibly seen by the user while in mobile devices majority of the links are integrated into ahamburger icon. This can be a mistake since not everyone knows about the purpose of the icon therefore it is still advisable to provide visible links to important pages such as links to the products.

Lastly, do not forget to optimize the images in order for these to load properly on mobile devices. Images are important if you are selling products because customers will have a visual of what the item looks like. For companies like Wheels Honda that offer motorbikes for sale, images are crucial because buyers will never buy them unless they know how it looks.