How To Make Your Site Load Faster

How To Make Your Site Load Faster

There are many things that should be considered when building a website but on the top of the list is a fast loading website. Website optimization should only commence once you have tested that your website can function properly. There are various ways you could test your website but the easiest and the most accessible option is to use the Google tools called “Make the Web Faster”. If you don’t like this first option then there are other things you could try such as the use of YSlow or Pingdom. Using any of these tools will help you determine the average performance of your website.

After the testing is done, the same set of tools can also be used in order to make your website’s pages load faster. With the help of Google PageSpeed Insights, one should be able to determine the results of a website’s performance both using mobile and desktop. The items that need fixing are also enumerated along with recommendations on how to fix each of them. If you use YSlow to test your website, you will be able to see at the bottom the test result as well as any recommendations on how to make your site better.

By using these tools, it has therefore been concluded that you can do the following in order to make your website load quicker:

  • The file size of the web script should be compressed in order to increase the site’s performance. If you are using HTML, there is an available HTML Compress tool. When using JavaScript, it is recommended to adapt YUI Compressor while in CSS, the best tool is the CSS Compressor.
  • In the case of JavaScript and CSS, both of which are cached when used, it is advisable to make use of external files in order for the pages to load quicker.
  • Make sure to remove any duplicates when creating a website’s scripts.
  • All images used in a website should be optimized – compressed into smaller sizes be it in JPEG, GIF or PNG-8 format.

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