As a web designer, you might have an idea of how important images are when it comes to web design. You might be a beginner in the field but you know the role that images have in improving a web page. An image can be employed as the background for the entire page which will make the main focus of the page or it can be displayed in small thumbnails. No matter which way you employ images, it is important that careful choosing and decision should be made considering the style, composition as well as the layout. It will help in improving the user experience, increase the site conversion, aid with the branding as well as add visual appeal to the entire site.

  • First and foremost, image should be used with purpose. Some designers would think that every page should have at least one image and put whatever there is available just to get it over with thinking that it does not play a big role in the site. Some may say that one image is better than a page with no images at all. According to a study, majority of the photos used on a page are not given focus unless they are important. This is important especially in pages wherein the focus of the users is the content and information.
  • Next thing that you should consider when putting images is that it should have real people in it. According to a study, users are more likely to stay in a site with images of people in it.
  • The images should not only contain people but it should be able to serve as a guide for visitors on your website. A study conducted between two photos of people, one looking directly at the user and the second one looking at the direction where the text is, shows that users are more likely to look at the content with the latter.
  • Concepts can be shown with the use of images such as map illustrations. Not all information should be placed in text and it could be illustrated in an image to convey it more effectively.