Important Things To Know Before Shipping Goods To Canada

Important Things To Know Before Shipping Goods To Canada

Canada and the United States are similar in terms of culture and commerce but they are separated by a common border. Cross-border trade has enjoyed an exponential growth with goods and services traded between the two countries totalling almost $741.1 billion annually. The average exchange of goods and services every day is about $2 billion.

Canada is the second-largest trading partner of the United States. Exporting to Canada is greatly different from importing from Canada because of the country’s physical size and unique shipping considerations.

A large portion of Canadian residents and businesses can be found in the urban areas near the US border although there are still many residents and businesses that prefer to live far from the border. The geographical distance of these residences and businesses makes it tricky to deliver shipments. This is particularly true in today’s market where there is increased demand for fast and free shipping for business-to-business and business-to-customer shipments. Trucking providers must be willing to deliver to all customers regardless of their distance.

Tips when exporting goods from the US to Canada

  • High potential for commercial success can be expected from Canada with its more than 36 million people
  • Canada is a bilingual country which means that platforms have to be in English and French languages.
  • Canada has its own currency in the Canadian dollar. It is important to take into account foreign currency exchange rates in cross-border trade.
  • Weather in Northern Canada is different from the weather in Northern US particularly during winter. Weather can seriously impact shipping times.
  • Since most Canadian customers prefer to shop for large furniture and appliances online, trucking companies must offer “white glove” and other specialized services.
  • Ecommerce stores must include the cost of shipping in their website’s shopping cart so that customers will be aware of all expenses.
  • In many parts of Canada, home delivery means delivery to a community mailbox.

Before shipping your goods across the border, make sure to research for a trusted partner. Your best option is Titan Transline, a logistics and trucking provider that has experience and knowledge of cross-border procedures to streamline the shipping process.