The use of various social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram has become a helpful channel that allows businesses, big or small, to reach out clients. The fact that almost everyone in the planet has an existing Facebook account, it’s easier to reach out to clients and for those in the insurance industry, Facebook gives them an alternative venue to increase their insurance sales leads. Sure, you can have your insurance agents wander around and talk their way into convincing prospects into making business with them.

If you want to achieve higher insurance sales leads, you must know the proper ways to achieve it by fully maximizing all of the available tools in Facebook. Below are the some of those ways that if you diligently follow them, your number of sales will instantly rise up:

  • The first thing clients will notice upon visiting your Facebook page is the page’s cover photo. Make sure that the cover photo that you are using for your insurance company is appropriately optimized. You can use a nice photo and incorporate your company logo in a way that the logo will be easily recognized.
  • Avoid being obvious when it comes to posting anything that is related to your goal of achieving higher sales especially when it involves the insurance industry. You see, posts that are obviously created to advertise are exactly the kinds of posts that are ignored by Facebook users most of the time. Make sure that whatever you are posting, it’s something that will catch the attention of the users.
  • Using any kind of “call-to-action” buttons can be definitely useful especially if your goal is to increase your insurance sales leads. Whether it’s to allow users to contact you directly either by calling you by phone or allowing prospects to send you a private message, it’s also one of the most commonly used methods to grow your email list.
  • If you want to quickly build up your sales, there’s no easier way to do so than to give freebies to Facebook “likers”. You can do this by hosting a contest that has a clear set of instructions. It will not only gain you more sales. It will keep your interaction with clients running.