Scripts In Web Design And Development – How They Perform Specific Functions

Scripts In Web Design And Development – How They Perform Specific Functions

The reason why I love to attend meetings is the potential to learn something new and different from the experts. The guys from Perth Web Design were very generous in sharing some of their ideas on web design and development and that is why I am now sharing what I learned from them.

Scripts in web design

Scripts are small bits of code used in web design so that web browsers can do something different instead of just displaying static results. JavaScript and ActiveX are some of the most popular scripts used in web design to create dynamic pages. However, you can write scripts in any scripting language that includes Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript) and ECMA Script. Because scripting language is interpreted, it is important to ensure that when a user requests a page, the browser or the server (if in case you are using server script) will be able to use the language that you have scripted. For example, if the scripts are written using VBScript, the user’s browser must have the capability to interpret VBScript. Microsoft Internet Explorer supports VBScript but it is not so for all browsers.

Different scripting languages can be used on the same page if required. For example, if you are using your own scripts to scripts that have been generated through design-time control, you need to specify a target scripting platform whether it is a client or server to determine by default what language to script in. If in case you are scripting outside of design-time controls, you will usually work in one language so that you can specify a default language for every new page that will be created and if there is a need, for individual scripts, too.

If your server is Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) .asp files can be created that contains both the client and server scripts. The two types of scripts can appear on the same page. Client scripts are usually part of a page which are sent to and run by the browser whenever a user requests for a page. Server scripts are not part of the page, instead they are sent by IIS after the page has been requested but this is before it is passed to the browser. Once the page has been sent to the browser, the server has run the server script and removed it from the page.