Situations That You Need A Lawyer For

Situations That You Need A Lawyer For

A traffic ticket is a legal matter. It’s not as extreme as armed robbery, but a law firm like Donich Law can still help. There are a lot of legal matters which may or may not require you to get legal representation, so it’s a good idea to know when you need a lawyer, and when you don’t.

A complicated divorce

When couples mutually agree on the details of a split, then a lawyer isn’t needed; they’re there to make sure things are sorted out. If there are issues regarding debt, child custody arraignments, investments, savings, or property, then legal representation is needed.

Remember, the terms of a finalized divorce are legally binding and can only be changed by legal proceedings in court.

Law suits

Naturally, if you’re being sued, you need a lawyer. Law suits can lead to a big loss of money or property, which is why people get lawyers when they get sued. Most of these things tend to be settled outside the court, but an experienced negotiator is still good to have.

If you have no plans to contest a law suit, however, then there’s no point in calling a law firm like Donich Law to help you out.

DUI charges

Driving under the influence is now a serious charge, with consequences ranging from jail time, license revocation, fines, or any combination of the three. A good lawyer is there so that the prosecutor can be talked to and the charges can be reduced, especially for first offenders. If you go into a DUI charge with no legal representation, expect the maximum penalty.

An accident with injury

If you’ve been injured in an accident that you didn’t cause, then the other person’s insurance company will be on you to make sure the claimed is settled as fast as possible. Don’t just cave; never talk to an insurance company representative without consulting a personal injury attorney, as they’re not familiar with the laws and normal compensation rates.

If you end up getting hurt in a car accident, answer cursory questions from police that respond to the scene, nothing more.