Many real estate businesses like HomeUnion Investment Properties have their own websites in order to gain an online presence. The process of building the website is more often outsourced to expert web designers and developers in order to achieve a website that will capture the attention of the target audience. However, there are certain parts of web design that are not actually visible to web users.

When a visitor clicks on a link to a website, web scripts define the website behavior in response to the user’s click. Web scripts make it easier and more convenient for users to browse through sites or to work on their desktops and laptops without the need to undertake complicated steps to gain the desired results. Aside from the worldwide web, web scripts are also responsible for the automation process of computers particularly in their usability and flexibility.

There are different kinds of scripting languages that the web developer can choose from to use in building the website but is often his personal preference on what best suits the project. In order to build more complex web pages, the web developer may opt for client-side and server-side scripts. Client-side script is any code that runs within the web browser. This means that the web browser will temporarily download all the files from the web server to display a static web page and these files can be viewed even if internet connection is unexpectedly lost. However, you can only view the static web pages if the browser remains open.
All websites are hosted in a database in a server. The transfer of data from the web server to the web browser is facilitated by server-side scripts. Compared to client-side scripts, server-side scripts are relatively more secure because they reside on the web server instead of being temporarily stored in an individual’s computer.

PHP is generally used by majority of web developers because it is open source and there is a huge online community that provides support and updates. It is also compatible with most browsers. On the other hand, Java is the choice for large websites that gain a large volume of traffic. There are other scripting languages available for web developers that are designed to make web development more productive.