The Dangers That Lurk Within Septic Tanks

The Dangers That Lurk Within Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are efficient components in every household. They are needed to decompose and to mineralize the different wastes that are plunged into the septic tanks. Unfortunately, septic tanks are also a dangerous installation.

Every year, hundreds of people die all over the world because septic tank lids collapse and people fall into it. If you have never received any kind of training, and without the proper equipment and safety gear, then it is best if you stay away and let the professionals handle them.

Most of the death cases were left alone when they accidentally fell into the septic tank. With no one to help them, the victims were helpless against the fumes thus are overcome by them and drown in the pool of wastes. It is a horrible death that must not be experienced by anyone else. Never allow yourself to be left alone while near any septic tanks. Always think of your safety because you never know what might happen.

Dangerous gases that are present in septic tanks include Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide. You can pass out from over exposure to these gases. Avoid standing on septic tank lids because the Hydrogen Sulfide is converted into Sulfuric Acid upon contact with any moist surface. Standing on septic tank lids might enable contact between Hydrogen Sulfide and the septic tank lid, corroding it until it is vulnerable enough to collapse with you falling into your doom.

Don’t lean over septic tanks. The risks of falling are too great and can sometimes be fatal. You can never be too safe. One day you’ll be hanging around with your girlfriend and another day, you could be drowning in a pool of ‘good’ stuff. In fact, last October, a Romanian teenage boy had drowned in a septic tank. He was showing off to his friends when he accidentally fell down the septic tank when the lid collapsed. He was overcome by the fumes causing him to pass and ultimately drowning to his death.

The gases can also become very combustible unless proper ventilation is installed. If you light a naked fire near it, it might explode like a landmine with you blown up as well with waste products raining all over the surroundings.

Septic tanks could be very dangerous so always conduct a regular checkup and drain to avoid the dangers it may pose.