The Importance Of Responsive Web Pages

Why does a small business like junk removal Orange County need a website? People nowadays prefer to use search engines to find products and services because it is more convenient. It also allows them to compare prices and determine the professionalism of the business based on the customer testimonials. However, having a website it not enough; web design must be interesting, informative and up-to-date to provide users with a good experience.

Mobile technology has grown exceedingly fast because of the great demand from consumers who would rather use their mobile gadgets to access the internet than desktops or laptops. It is important for web developers to adopt responsive web design that will make the website accessible across multiple browsers and devices.

Through responsive web design, web developers can optimize a website for both mobile and computer users using a single code base. Web developers combine CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript to create responsive web pages.

Google has also introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to create websites that will provide a better experience for users of mobile devices. Several optimization techniques were combined by Google to increase the loading speed of mobile web pages. However, developers have to integrate AMP technology to the web pages through HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

JavaScript is considered as a lightweight programming language but it can optimize web pages for mobile devices with AMP. Since JavaScript lacks some of the more robust features of modern programming languages like Java and C#, web developers can easily extend JavaScript by using transpilers like CoffeeScript, TypeScript, DukeScript and Vaadin. Each of the transpilers mentioned above can enable developers in meeting the requirements of large enterprise applications by making workflow complex.

The functionality of JavaScript can also be extended using a number of libraries and frameworks like AngularJS and Ember. Meanwhile, JavaScript is constantly evolving to meet emerging trends in web application development.

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