The Importance Of Web Design In Maximizing Clicks

The Importance Of Web Design In Maximizing Clicks

Design is the core ingredient of to the success of many products as well as marketing campaigns. In order to overcome the challenges posed by stiff competition, it is always essential to have a unique design because it can make a big difference on how it is accepted and appreciated by consumers. When it comes to creating a website, web design is at the forefront to ensure that the site will satisfy consumer requirements. Web design will ensure that your site will maximize clicks from visitors to gain leads and conversions.

Techniques in web design to generate more click-through rates

One technique is to load your sign up page with offer for discounts and freebies to gain immediate attention. Nothing works better at generating more clicks if you offer something of value to consumers. For example, an offer of a 20% discount on mobile gadgets is clear and compelling. Make your call to action prominent and enticing by using buttons with visual styles like arrows that tilt slightly forward so that you potential customers will act as expected. Draw the attention of users to a page through fonts, colors, typography and visual cues but make sure that your page will not look cluttered and confusing. Don’t forget that your message should standout and communicate the benefits that your visitors are bound to gain.


Techniques that can drive the viral loop

Viral loops are marketing campaigns that are meant to infect a person so that he will be compelled to share the information with other people. A great way to spread the brand is to use your customers as the marketers within social media. You can compel consumers to spread anything by providing a quality incentive for the users to pass information to others. The offer should be simple and attractive so that consumers will understand what you want them to do. For example, to refer new people, the user only needs to click on the “Refer Friends to Dropbox” so that it can automatically send invites to all the friends in Facebook. In order to reach as many people as possible, viral loops must be quick and easy to use without any overcomplicated set of instructions.