The Right Location Of Web Scripts In The Web Document

The Right Location Of Web Scripts In The Web Document

Whenever web developers use JavaScript on the web pages to make them interactive, they frequently put the script at the head of the document similar to how use CSS style sheets. The only time that web developers use the script elements in the body of the page is when they want to display content or add interactivity directly to the page. However, using JavaScript at the head of the document can slow down the pages because it takes longer to download.

It takes longer to download the web page because when the browser hits the web page, it has to send the request to the server first for the document at the URL. When the document arrives at the browser, the browser has to parse it before starting to make additional requests to the server for external components that include style sheet, images and scripts. All these components have to be downloaded by the browser in parallel or two components at the same time. However, once the browser starts to download a script, nothing else can be downloaded until the script has been fully downloaded.

If the scripts are placed at the bottom of the HTML document, it will allow other external components of the page to be downloaded as quickly as possible before the scripts are loaded. On the other hand, there is always an exception to this rule. The scripts have to be placed higher on the page if they need to be run before the document loads.

If the script is placed on the external files, it can speed up the web pages; however, don’t make the mistake of adding the scripts to the external document so that you can load them from the head. The external script file is bound to stop parallel downloads similar to the one written in HTML.

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