The Things People Look For In A Review

The Things People Look For In A Review

Online reviews are powerful, with the vast majority of shoppers online looking them up before deciding on a product or service. They’re the new word-of-mouth advertising, so it’s no surprise that how a business leverages online reviews can decide whether or not they make it.

In order to make the most of online reviews, it’s important to know what people look for in them.


The score, or star rating depending on the point-system you’re looking at, is the most important part of a review for most customers.

The score matters, as anything below a 3/5 on search results for local businesses will be overlooked by customers for businesses with better scores. A 3/5 is the average ‘lowest acceptable score’ for most people, but, on the flipside, too perfect a score is unrealistic, meaning that 4 is the sweet spot.

Number of reviews

The number of online reviews also matter, as most people need around 4-6 reviews before they’ll opt for a business, but some people need more.

Quality of reviews

By ‘quality’, we mean how well the reviews are written. Review platforms can hide reviews that don’t match up with their standards, for the customers that actually rely on them, the quality of reviews is just as important.

Concise, informative reviews that say much without overdoing it is worth their words.


Like with a lot of things on the internet, how updated a review is matters.

Customers tend to prefer reviews that were written within the last six months for them. If they see, for example, king kong marketing reviews that are six months old or older, they won’t trust them.