The World’s Best Programming Languages

The World’s Best Programming Languages

When the internet was introduced to the world, it made the search for information more efficient and convenient. Nowadays, people use the internet to search for almost everything from the names that they give their babies, illustrators of cityscape art, quality used cars and the hottest bathroom designs. However, have you ever wondered what goes behind web design and how it was developed?

Many technologies have emerged to facilitate the development of a website. In the 1990’s PHP was launched and it was called as the best web programming language. Because of PHP, web designers were able to create dynamic websites. From mostly static content, websites started to have dynamic content in the interactive medium. PHP is still widely used today but it is no longer considered as the best programming language.

Java is considered as an all purpose programming language but not intended for the development of web apps. It is one of the best programming languages that can be used by any developer. Another all purpose programming language is Golang or simply Go. It is easier to use in the development of web apps than Java. Go is a flexible and extensible language with an extensive community behind it.

You cannot discuss web development without mentioning Ruby on Rails. Developers use Ruby to build server-side web applications. There are many rumors that Ruby on Rails is dying but web developers enthusiastically argue that it is still one of the best programming languages. It may no longer be as popular today but it is very unlikely to disappear.

Web developers use Python as a scripting language in a wide variety of contexts. Even if Pythonwas not specifically designed for web development, frameworks like Django make it very easy to use as a basis for web programming. Meanwhile JavaScript dominates the world of client-side scripting languages and can be extended to the server-side environment.

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