Tips For A Mobile Web Designer

Tips For A Mobile Web Designer

Mobile web site scripts and designs are increasingly becoming a demand for web sites. The reason for this is people are mostly on their mobiles phones and tablets. Not everyone logs in to a desktop computer now to check information, products or services. Since phones can be brought anywhere and are the easiest method to get on the net, the web sites needs to be able to get displayed in these mobile devices. Hence, the concept of responsive web design came about.

These are some of the helpful tips for a mobile web designer in Perth for strategy and designing mobile sites.

1. It is important to consider the target audience and the type of device they use. Knowing this guides the designer on the design process and site strategy. It is helpful to research with the help of analytics to check the devices the audience is using.

2. It is important to understand mobile site usage and patterns of behaviour. Design decisions should be based on the idea that the tasks done on desktops are similarly done now on phones.

3. It is important to keep the content similar throughout the mobile and desktop versions of the sites. This is extremely helpful when users switch from mobile to desktop versions.

4. It is important to optimize scripts for the mobile web sites. Don’t just optimize the desktop versions, optimize for both mobile and desktop.

5. It is important to consider the navigation.

6. It is important to know that not every page needs a design or wireframe. As a guide, use analytics to know what to prioritize on.

7. It is important to create prototypes, do testing and iteration. Make prototypes to be tested with prospect users.

8. It is important to quickly deliver the content. Clients should be asked about what they think is important. Also, consideration should be done on the information that users need quickly.

9. It is important to design using a user’s viewpoint. Test the design on the device.

10. It is important to accept every limitation. Some things are better suited in desktop versions so there is no need to force these features in the mobile version.