When building a website, it is always important to consider the audience above all. It is your job as the website owner to make sure that your viewers are satisfied with the way your website is built. Here are some helpful tips to provide your viewers with great user experience.

1. Do not focus too much on the appearance. It is true that the appearance of a website can greatly contribute to user satisfaction but it is safe to say that it isn’t the most important aspect you should be focusing on. Many beginners often give too much focus on the beauty of the website. That is good for visual purposes but it does not exactly improve the usability of the website. It is better to have your website balanced. A simple yet attractive website can do. Adding on beauty means adding complexity to the website which is considered to be a big ‘NO’ in web design. Complexity in a website can annoy users unknowingly making them lose interest in going any further with your website.

2. Improve the usability of the website. The way your viewers use your website is important because it can greatly affect the length of their stay on your website. What you must do is find a way for users to have an easy access to all the contents of your website. These both include the navigation, the responsiveness and information accessibility of your website. Never complicate your website because it can frustrate your website’s visitors. Avoid putting background music on the website. Do not put too much links on the website and refrain from using pop-up windows. Remove the items that have no relevance to the website because they only slow down your website. Place site maps and navigation bars that are linked to the places your visitors would likely visit. Babandoo.com, a review and comparison website has shown good command of website usability. Babandoo focused on the accessibility and usability of their website while also providing a simple yet attractive and highly relevant appearance.

3. Search Engine Optimization extends your website’s life. It is common knowledge for website owners that your website’s ranking in the SERPs or search engine results page are is the one that determines the life of your website. In order for you to extend your website’s time on the internet, then you should learn how to optimize your website for search engines.