Web Development 101: Best Development Language

Web Development 101: Best Development Language

Ribbon is as old as the Egyptians but they have never stopped being popular as adornments and decoration. The uses of ribbon are endless and you can find them in gifts, clothing, scrapbooks, hair accessories, greeting cards, wedding invitations, wreaths, gift baskets and many more. Many online retailers sell ribbons through websites that have been developed with the best programming language.

When you have a website built for your business such as that of ribbons site, the web developer will choose the best web development language that best suits the project and functionality and features that you want. There are three parts of development: client-side scripting, server-side scripting and database technology.

Client-side scripting is the program that runs on the user’s web browser while server-side scripting runs on the web server. Database technology manages all the information on the server that supports the website. In client-side scripting, the most common languages used are HTML and CSS. These two languages are also used to build webpages on the internet.

HTML is a standardized markup language used in the structuring and formatting of content for the web. The HTML document includes page elements like the title, heading, text and links. HTML is considered as the backbone of all webpages.

CSS is a style-sheet language that allows programmers to define the look and format of multiple webpages simultaneously. Elements that include color, layout and fonts are specified in one file which is separate from the core code used for the website. Static webpages that look the same to everyone that visits it are created using both HTML and CSS but for dynamic webpages which are tailored to every web visitor require more advanced client-side and server-side scripting.

JavaScript is the programming language used for animation, games, apps, interactivity and dynamic effects. After CSS and HTML, JavaScript is another common language used by web developers for client-side scripts.

When rich internet applications that use Flash animation and streaming audio and video are required, the option is ActionScript which is the language used for Adobe Flash. Making a choice between JavaScript and ActionScript is based on personal preference but if Adobe Flash Player software is going to be used it makes sense to use ActionScript.