What To Know About The New Canadian ELD Mandate

What To Know About The New Canadian ELD Mandate

Any company that has a truck that are among the more than 5mn that regularly cross the US-Canada border annually, like Titan Transline, paid close attention to the newly-announced Canadian ELD mandate.

The Canadian ELD mandate will take effect in June 2021, with the phase-in period to end by June 12, meaning that any fleets that are or planning to operate in Canada have to have a compliant electronic logging device (ELD) on their trucks by that time.

This new mandate is similar to the one the US Dept. of Transportation implemented in December 2019, but with notable differences.

Difference in certification

One of the key differences between the US and Canadian ELD mandates is that, in the US, ELD manufacturers can self-certify their own devices. In contrast, Canada requires that credible third-party organizations certify any ELDs in trucks.

This means that ELDs that are certified in the US might not be valid or compliant in Canada, depending on whether or not their manufacturers can get proper certification from a third party.

Driver training

The US and Canada have differences in rules regarding malfunction and diagnostic events (M&Ds), personal vehicle use, and EROD transfers. Some of these differences are small, some are big, but, regardless, an operator working in both countries needs to be trained in both.

Transfer differences

Another key difference between the US’s and Canada’s ELD mandates is that Canadian drivers don’t transfer their logs electronically to a set-up federal system, unlike the US, where drivers transfer their trucking logs to eRODs. Canadian drivers, instead, have to email their logs via a transfer file to officers.

Minimum requirements

Canadian ELDs have to meet the Technical Standard for Electronic Logging Devices, which is the country’s standard for any ELD, as set by the Canadian Council of Motor Transportation Administrators (CCMTA).

The bottom-line

While there are notable differences, the key idea is still about truckers finding an ELD that is compliant with all the regulations and can handle everything they need. Both mandates have similar requirements, like engine synchronization, GPS tracking, on-screen displays, and the like.

Having one device that’s compliant with both the US and Canada ELD mandates will help streamline operations for truckers and trucking companies, and avoid any issues when crossing borders.